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For 20 years, our group of restaurants & bars, have had a presence in Vancouver’s Gastown – An enigma of a district…where Heritage meets Hip.

Our group have won too many award to list here, but suffice it to say that we are known for our expertise on Whisk(e)y, Wine & Beer and for our ability to match them to delicious morsels of food.

Think Sherry paired with spicy blue cheese and local organic honey or smokey single malt with local chocolate or a peppery Syrah with a smokey/sweet schinkenspeck.

The tours involve our award winning wine bar, our whiskey bar, our beer bar.

Gastrotown - A Gastown Gastro-Tour

Taste amazing cured meats, fantastic artisanal cheese, matched to unique condiments, when eaten together would make an alchemist weep with pride….
Charcuterie, Cheese, condiments with wine, Gastropub Food with Beer, Dessert with Whisk(e)y…all the while hearing stories…of the way the charcuterie was made, of the history behind a particular cheese, of the difference between the whisk(e)ys of the world, of the local craft beer explosion, and of the famous movie and music stars who have passed through the doors - tasting as you are doing.

The Crawl - Lost Hours

Designed for those who like to drink and can drink!!! You start in a multiple Award Winning wine bar, pairing the finest of cheese and cured meat with delicious wines, then have a tasting portion of Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash, etc with wonderful beers in Vancouver’s most celebrated Irish Owned Gastro-pub and finish with whisk(e)y and chocolate in what was voted 2015s 2nd best Whiskey Bar in the world. Wine, Beer, Whiskey with matching food
Perfect for gentleman stags, lady stagettes, birthdays, and folk visiting Vancouver who what to start the evening out with a bang or want to lose as afternoon.

Best of British Columbia

Truly Unique British Columbia Experience for the curious local and the interested visitor
BC Wine, Cheese, Charcuterie & Condiments - all paired together and then BC Craft Beer with BC Bar Snacks, finished with Dessert and BC based Cocktail.

This is the perfect tour for anybody wishing to experience some of the best food and drink that Canada has to offer.

Come as a dinner option or squeeze us in between an early lunch and a later dinner.

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